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Exchanging Payeer for Dollar cash is one of the most popular options. Despite the fact that we are talking about a popular cryptocurrency, it only works in the vastness of the virtual world, and cannot fulfill most of the needs of the real one. It is everyday needs that become the main reason why users exchange Payer for regular money credited to a bank card. Also, the conclusion may be needed by those who, while tracking trends, have caught the moment of profitability of conversion at the moment or are afraid of a fall in price and losses associated with this.

Whatever the reason forces you to say goodbye to your cryptocurrency reserves, a bank card will be the best end point for receiving money. The only thing you need to understand is that direct transfer to a bank account from a Payeer E-Wallet is not possible, you will need the help of intermediaries, these could be cryptocurrency exchanges or exchangers.

Exchange via EXMO exchange

The EXMO exchange is well known to English-speaking users; it benefits from the ease of operations, a variety of options and tools, low commissions, 24-hour technical support, and a clear interface.

Conversion through an online exchanger

Much easier and faster, and, without registration and verification, you can change Payeer to Cash at through online exchangers. We are talking about specialized services, the work of which is precisely to convert currencies in different directions.

Despite the fact that the rate in exchangers, although close to the exchange rate, is usually a little higher, and some resources have additional commissions, beginners and those who occasionally face the need to convert one cryptocurrency into another or fiat currency choose them. The reason is simplicity, anonymity and high speed of operation.

What to do with this method of exchange:

  • go to an aggregator of exchange offices, for example, and see which exchangers are currently working with the currency pair of interest with best exchange rates;
  • analyze courses, additional conditions/commissions, view reviews and select a service by clicking on the name. The system automatically transfers to the website of the selected exchanger;
  • there may be registration on the exchange resource or not. If there is a choice, then registered users will benefit from the fact that in the future they will not have to constantly enter and confirm all the data, only the direction of exchange and the amount. Also exchangers often offer bonuses for their regular users, i.e. and AML report in the future you will have the opportunity to receive additional benefits;
  • fill out an exchange application, click “Continue” and then make an exchange using step-by-step detailed instructions provided by the exchange service.

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