Easily Transfer iPhone to New iPhone Without Data Loss

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Why do you want to move data from the old iPhone to a new iPhone? It can be prompted by various reasons, such as replacing a damaged old iPhone, upgrading to the latest mode, and so on. The following article explores the preparations you need to make before transferring data and show you how to migrate data to a new iPhone without losing any data.

What Preparations Do You Need to Make Before Transmission?

We all know that mobile phones are involved in our daily lives and work. This means there is a lot of important data stored on your old iPhone. No matter what the reason is that you need to switch to a new iPhone, you’d better make the following four preparations before you start transferring data:

  • Use a free software to prepare aniPhone backup to protect your important files.
  • Ensure both iPhones are charged sufficiently or connected to power sources.
  • Check the storage on your new iPhone.
  • Update the old iPhone and the new iPhone to the latest iOS version

By paying attention to the points mentioned above before starting the data transfer, you can ensure a smooth transition from your old iPhone to your new iPhone, while preserving your important data and settings throughout the process. After that, you can go to the next part to move your iPhone data easily.

No Data Loss: Migrate Old iPhone to New iPhone with FoneTool

Every time my friends and I get a new iPhone, we usually try different methods to transfer data from the old iPhone. Maybe you are like us, the first thing you think of is Quick Start. But this method cost us too much time, and even failed once. So we are constantly looking for other better ways. Fortunately, we discovered FoneTool, a professional iPhone transfer software.

FoneTool is an all-in-one iPhone data management tool. It offers iPhone data backup, iPhone data transfer, and iPhone data erase functions. I can use FoneTool to backup old iPhone at first, then transfer iPhone to iPhone quickly. Finally, I can also use it to ease my old iPhone because I want to sell it.

There are more reasons I choose FoneTool:

  • One-click transfer Quickly:It provides a super fast speed to transfer data to new iphone after setup.
  • Easy to use:It is designed with a user-friendly interface, I can transfer everything to a new iPhone by a few simple clicks.
  • No data loss and damage: All my important data, like photos, messages, contacts, videos, etc. are transferred with high quality.
  • Protect data privacy:It can enable backup encryption to keep the private data safer.
  • Extensive compatibility:It supports iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, even the latest iOS system.

Simple Steps to Transfer iPhone to iPhone with One Click

Now, you can follow the detailed steps to migrate iPhone to iPhone without data loss.

Step 1. Launch FoneTool > Connect both the old iPhone and the new iPhone to your computer.

Step 2. Navigate to Phone Transfer > Choose iPhone to iPhone > Tap Start Transfer.

Step 3. Check backup encryption to keep the safety of your private data > Then click Start Transfer to begin the process.

Tips for iPhone Data Transfer – Selectively Transfer

From above steps, you can move all iPhone data to your new iPhone quickly and easily. How about transfer iPhone data selectively? If you want to transfer only specific data, such as contacts, music, photos, videos, and so on, you can check the below guide to use FoneTool to finish this task.

Step 1. Open FoneTool > Connect the old iPhone to a computer with USB cable.

Step 2. Go to Phone Transfer > Choose iPhone to PC > Then tap Start Transfer.

Step 3. Click the add icon > Choose files icon to preview and select the files you want to transfer > Tap OK.

Step 4. Tap Start Transfer > Set a destination to save your contacts > Click Transfer to start.

Step 5. Unplug the old iPhone and link the new iPhone to the PC > Go to Phone Transfer > Select the PC to iPhone.

Step 6. Click the files icon you want to send > Choose the specific files exported before > Tap Start Transfer.


That’s all my experience of transferring iPhone to iPhone. With the help of FoneTool, you can easily migrate all your important data, settings, and apps to your new iPhone with just a few simple steps. Or if you prefer transfer some specific files, FoenTool also can give the solution.


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