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Cricket is known to be a complex strategic sport. At the same time, placing cricket bets is a much more simple and straightforward process. After learning the basics of cricket betting, bettors will be able to identify profitable opportunities in this market. Read on to find out how to bet on this sport correctly.

Some, instead of learning how to place cricket bets, will prefer more “eventful” alternatives and bet on, for example, soccer or handball. However, once formats have been modernized and the amount of information available has increased, the interest in betting on this sport has increased manifold.

The basic rules of the game

In a cricket match, two teams of 11 players compete against each other. The cricket pitch has a round shape and can be of different sizes. But the main events of the match take place on a 22-yard long central strip of the field called the pitch. The two teams take turns pitching and batting the ball: there is one bowler, ten fielders of the pitching team and two batsmen of the batting team, one on each side of the pitch.

Batting the ball

The aim of batting is to “score” as many runs as possible in a limited number of overs (six bowler’s innings) or until all batsmen have been dismissed by the match referee. The batsmen bat off pitches from each side of the wicket, with the side of the pitch changing at the end of each ‘over’.

Players “earn” wounds by running to one side of the pitch after hitting the ball or hitting the boundary (a rope on the edge of the pitch): if the ball hits the boundary after touching the ground, four wounds are scored; if the ball does not touch the ground, six wounds are scored.


The purpose of the serve is to limit the number of wounds scored by the batting team and to knock all of its players out of the game in one of the ways described below.

What can make cricket betting more effective?

Some cricket teams, just like NFL teams, are better at attacking while others are better at defense. In other words, some teams are stronger when it comes to batting and other teams are stronger when it comes to pitching.

By analyzing each team’s lineup, players will be able to determine whether that team will try to outscore their opponents in terms of runs scored or focus on serves to get the opposing team’s players out of the game faster.

One of the main things to consider when researching cricket betting is the possible influence of external factors on the outcome of a cricket match. External factors include the weather, time of day or the condition of the playing surface.

As with soccer betting, some teams have an advantage over other teams when it comes to home field advantage. This is partly due to the important role of the playing surface and the ability of teams to utilize the home field advantage to play to their full potential.

Teams in cricket may use different bowlers, and certain types of pitches will prove more effective when played with different types of ‘wickets’. Some wickets are wetter than others. Wickets can be hard or soft and can vary in the amount of grass. At a basic level, players should consider the factors listed below.

Ways of betting on cricket. What you need to remember

Bettors who are just learning the basics of cricket betting should first familiarize themselves with the rules of the game. Secondly, punters should understand the differences between the formats of the game and remember that individual teams and players may be better prepared to play a particular format. Finally, analyzing pitching and weather conditions will help to more accurately predict the potential outcome of the game.


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