Key Parts of an Electric Bike


An electric bike is an essential mode of transportation that everyone uses nowadays. You would see a cheetah electric bike almost everywhere because of the functionality and the durability of these kinds of bikes. If you are using one right now, it is best to understand its key parts so that you should also know how to take care of your electric bike. In this article, you will learn more about the main parts of an electric bike.

What are the Key Parts of an Electric Bike


One of the main components of an electric bike is the battery. This separates the electric bike from the typical bikes in the market today. You should look for a manufacturer that offers a good deal with regard to their batteries. If you buy a cheetah electric bike today, you will also receive a three-year replacement warranty so that you will not worry anymore about the battery that is installed on your electric bike. Go for an electric bike with warranties like these so that you can be sure that you are dealing with a manufacturer with high-quality components.


Another essential part of an electric bike is the tire. You have different options for your electric bike tire. But most people opt for fat tires because of the versatility that it provides the user. Fat tires give better traction, more comfort in your ride, and more versatility. Whatever tires you choose, you must make sure that your tires are also well-maintained. You must check your tires regularly so that you are always safe on the road.


Another key part of your electric bike is the motor. This is the component of your electric bike that runs your wheels so that you can go wherever you want to go. There are many types of electric bikes that manufacturers use. They also implement different kinds of technology to improve the effectiveness of the motor. Generally, you should use brushless motors so that they can accommodate high levels of torque without deformation. They are also durable for long uses.


The display is another important part of your electric bike because it is where you monitor your unit’s performance. You can use the display to know about the battery capacity, the speed, and the odometer. You can also adjust the level of the pedal assistance through the display monitor. Since you will always be checking your display constantly, you must ensure that your monitor is highly durable as well. And it must show all your required details so that you can have a better and more efficient ride.

Basic Bike Components

You also have to look at the different basic bike components of your electric bike. These include the frame, pedal, chain, brake lever, crank, gearing, fork, suspension, spokes,  and saddle. They are all important parts that you should also regularly check because they affect the performance of your electric bike.



The purpose of knowing the key parts of an electric bike is to have a deeper understanding of what you are using. You have to know each part so that you can also be aware of how each component interacts with one another. Knowing these parts will also allow you to be more familiar with them as a whole so that you can do proper maintenance. The cheetah electric bike includes a battery that is covered by a three-year replacement. Choose a bike that has durable parts and is produced by a reliable manufacturer.


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