How to play on cricket online with modern techniques

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A lot of the best betting sites let you bet on cricket. Cricket is a game with many rules that is played by two teams. This game is fun for people in South Africa, India, England, and Australia. There are a lot of games to choose from for people who like to bet because they happen all year long. You will have a much better chance of winning if you follow these tips. Now let’s begin.

Different kinds of bets

There are a lot of different bets on the game at bookmakers, like Cricket IPL betting 1xBet. These bets cover both the main and secondary events. For the best leagues and tournaments, there are different kinds of bets that people can make. What about the flip of the coin? Who will win? You get to choose which team hits the ball first. 

Some types of cricket bets are:

  • The main result. At the first level of cricket, there is a way to tie. Folks bet that either the first team or the second team will win, or that it will be a tie. Test matches can also end in a tie, so there are three possible outcomes. Other than that, you can only guess which team will win or lose;
  • Double chance. This type of bet is only for games that could end in a tie. It could go one of three ways: There is no tie, and neither the first nor the second team loses.
  • Totals. A bet on how many runs will be scored in a game. You can also bet on how the game will end at a certain point in time, like after 10 overs.
  • Asian handicap. Guess which team will win, taking into account the deficit, which can be 0 or 1, plus or minus;
  • Total for each person. A bet on how many runs a team will score in a certain part of the game, like the first ten overs;
  • The best bowler. Pick the best bowler in the game;
  • The best batsman. A bet like the last one, but this time only on the pitcher;
  • Winner of the event. Early bets on who will win the game;
  • Draw of lots. You have to guess which team will attack first.

Important tips

Professional experts use a range of betting tactics and think about many things to improve their chances of winning. If people who bet on cricket online want to increase their chances of winning, here are three important tips:

1. Bet against draws in test matches

For “long” test games, this plan works well. Most of the time, games end in a tie because neither team has time to finish the play. But there aren’t as many draws these days. Take a look at Anthony De Mello’s famous set of games between England and India. There were 60 games between the teams, and 27 of them finished in a tie. The last 13 games in the series have only had two ties. About 45% of tests in the 1980s were drawn. This number dropped to 35% in the 1990s and to 27% in the last ten years.

2. Bet on the outsider right after the coin toss

Not only does skill and the weather play a big role in the result of a cricket match, but the traditional coin toss also does. The team that gets to bat first has a big edge. In the 2019 One-Day Cricket World Cup, this means that the team that batted first won 65% of the time. After the toss, this is how you should bet on live cricket:

  • Find a match that has chances that make sense. Other people have odds of no more than 4.0;
  • Wait for the coin toss. 
  • Bet on the outsider to bat first.

3. Bet on who will be the best batsman

We suggest a pretty normal “Dutch” plan. You need to pick the three or four people who have the best chance of becoming the best pitcher. And bet on them in amounts that will make you the most money no matter what happens. There are bets on both the team’s best batter and the game’s best hitter. We suggest betting on games where there is a clear favorite to win but not a huge one.


Most legal bookmakers let you bet on cricket and offer a full list of famous leagues and tournaments. When choosing a sportsbook, you should think about the deposit and refund options, the currencies that can be used for payment, and the prizes that come with making the first deposit. Exactly the same as you manage with the best casino app. We are sure that our three tips will elevate your mood and improve your chances of success.


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