Navigating the World of Real Money Gaming: An Ultimate Guide for Beginners

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The online gaming sector is booming exceptionally due to the advent of excellent mobile apps and gaming gear. Smartphones with remarkable specifications also play a crucial role in this growth. Another important factor that we can’t ignore is the introduction of cash earning games fans can play online. There are multiple genres of online real-money games, and more are emerging every now and then. Choosing money-earning games and creating a new venue for side income can be confusing for beginners. Here is a comprehensive guide for cash game fans to follow.

What are online real cash games?

The first question that comes to our minds is what real cash games are. These games are either independent apps or parts of multigame apps. Let us consider an example. You have downloaded an app that provides a digital version of Ludo, the classic board game. Its user interface will have proper audiovisual elements with engaging graphics. You can use its functions to roll a die, move your tokens, and follow the gameplay rules to defeat opponents.Board games, cards games, running games, opinion-based games, and other types of games are the most popular ones that fans love to play. The cash-earning factor comes into this picture in three ways. 

  • Pay an entry fee to join a stake table and compete with other random players. If the player wins, he will earn a cash reward for that table/match. Example: Ludo, Teen Patti, Chess, etc.
  • A game offers challenging levels. If a player completes those challenging levels, cash rewards are credited to his app account. 
  • Another way is playing a game that offers cash for the right opinions. You put in your money for an answer to a simple question based on upcoming events. If the opinion turns out right, you will win cash rewards that are higher than the deposited money.

Types of Real Money Games

You have now understood what real money games are. These games come in the form of mobile apps. You can download them on your smartphone and learn how to play. Once confident about your skills, join stake tables or rooms to play these games. Compete against random players to win cash rewards.Here is the list of the most popular real money games you can download and play.

  • Card games: Card games fans generally play are Call Break, Rummy, Teen Patti, and Poker.
  • Board games: popular board games to play and earn cash rewards are Ludo, Chess, Snakes & Ladders, Block Puzzle, etc
  • Arcade games: Popular games in this genre are bubble shooters, pinball, fruit chop, and fruit dart.
  • Tabletop games: The most popular tabletop games to play online for money are Carrom, Pool, etc.
  • Prediction games: These games create question cards based on upcoming or ongoing events. Correctly predict an outcome to win cash rewards.
  • Fantasy sports: Make a team of your favorite sport with players and teams participating in a real tournament. The performance of chosen players will score points for your fantasy team. In the end, the highest-scoring team wins a cash prize.
  • Other games: New-era games like Infinite running, crash, etc., are quite popular.

Pick a Genre of Cash Games Online

These are the top genres you can choose from. Follow these factors to make a good decision.

  • Check your skills and preferences 

. Consider your skills, such as analytical skills, memory, anticipation power, bluffing, reflexes, etc., when choosing a genre. If you are good at cards, then the card-game genre is ideal for you. If you make proper assumptions and predict outcomes, then fantasy sports and prediction games are built for you. If you like to have fun and earn money, then online arcade games are the best place to be. 

  • Don’t choose a complex genre 

Never choose a genre of real-money games out of peer pressure or cash prize inclination. Complex genres will take a lot of time to learn. In fact, multiple aspects of such games require time and effort from your side. If you understand the physics of a board game where you put tokens in a pocket, then Carrom is a good choice.

Pick a Suitable Platform

Once you have chosen the right game genre, pick a platform where you can play it. For example, you have chosen card games. Look for the most trusted apps you can download and start your venture. Here is what you need to look into those apps.

  • Privacy protection and security: First, you will check the level of privacy protection and data security an app offers. Remember, your personal information, email ID, and bank account details are mandatory to play real money games online. Hence, choose an app that has robust security features.
  • User interface: Check how easy it is to use the functions and play the game. The transition of graphic elements, such as cards, tokens, dice, etc., will tell much about the app’s UI features.
  • Payout options: Check the payout frequency of the available apps. Check loyalty bonuses, joining rewards, discounts, festive bonuses, and other offers to use for gaming online.

Understand the gameplay and develop skills

After picking an app, understand the gameplay well. Check all the terms used in your chosen genre, as you will need them live. For example, it is a must to learn the terminology used in card games like poker, rummy, teen patti, etc. Learning the gameplay will also explain when the combos will appear or where you can use power-ups to gain a competitive advantage. You will also get to know the variants of a chosen real-money game. For example, choose a Ludo variant that offers only a few moves within a limited time span to play. It takes a few minutes to play such variants. Hence, choose a variant according to your availability and develop your skills accordingly.

Take the First Step to the Online Cash Gaming World

Follow this comprehensive guide to find the right online cash game genre. Choose a variant or two and start developing your skills. Watch tutorials and gameplay videos to learn more about the interface of a suitable app. Design your winning strategy and participate in daily contests to win cash rewards. Make it a passion and generate a passive income to rely on. 


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