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Data loss frequently happens in our daily lives. Losing cherished family photos, work files, or any data can be frustrating. Fortunately, data recovery can help you get rid of these worries. Here, I will introduce you to free recovery software and its complete test.

MyRecover is a great choice for getting deleted or lost data back. Next, this review explores how effective MyRecover is, focusing on its key features for data recovery, and presenting our testing procedures and results.

Part 1. Overview of MyRecover

MyRecover is a professional Windows file recovery software to recover accidentally deleted or lost data. It is praised for its user-friendly file recovery interface as well as its powerful features. What is more, it applies to comprehensive data loss situations in Windows and has a high success rate.

Part 2. Key Features of MyRecover

MyRecover comes with many features, which make the data recovery process as easy and detailed as possible. Here are some of its main features:

  • Apply multiple loss scenarios: Whether you face accidental deletion, disk formatting, system crashes, virus attacks, or other reasons, this tool can help.
  • Two scanning modes: There are two scanning options: Quick scan and Deep scan. Quick Scan aims at finding deleted data, while Deep Scan searches for other lost data. It ensures thorough file recovery in the event of loss or deletion.
  • Recover 200+ types of data: One of the most important features of any data recovery software is its ability to recover multiple file types. It supports 200+ file formats, including text, images, videos, audio, emails, compressed files, and various other file types.
  • Preview before recovery: MyRecover allows you to preview your desired files before starting recovery. This feature saves time and storage space by enabling you to quickly store the data.
  • Recover from many storage devices:MyRecover supports recovering deleted files from USB flash drives, memory cards, internal or external hard drives, etc.
  • Create a bootable media:MyRecover can create bootable CD, DVD, and USB drives for data recovery. If your computer won’t boot or crashes, you can use it to restart your PC and recover lost data.
  • Filter and search: It can be challenging to locate the precise files you need when dealing with large amounts of data. Use filtering and search features to speed up your recovery.
  • Support various systems: Compatible with NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, and ReFS file systems; works with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and Windows Server.

Part 3. Test Procedures & Test Results

After exploring the key features of MyRecover, we wanted to try the product ourselves to see if it’s worth it and reliable.

Test conditions: The drive was loaded with 0.86 GB of videos with common extensions (MP4, MOV), for a total of 32 files. We then created a scenario where we deleted videos to simulate accidental deletion and then went to the Recycle Bin to permanently delete the videos.

Test procedures: To help you understand how MyRecover works, here’s this free recovery software process.

We download, install, and launch MyRecover on a Windows PC. Then, hover the mouse over the specific drive that saved deleted/lost files before, and click Scan.

MyRecover offers both Quick Scan & Deep Scan options to search all deleted and lost files from your chosen drive. At this time, you can use some features to locate your deleted or lost files faster.

Check the scanning result, select the desired files like MP4 videos, and click Recover x files to initiate the recovery process. Then, choose another drive or partition as a destination.

After recovering MP4 videos, let’s go to the saved folder to check whether the file exists. As shown below, it can be seen that the recovery is successful.

Test results: This software found a staggering 65 files in the drive, totaling 1.65 GB. Recovery time is also quick, taking just 8 minutes for deleted videos. In our tests, MyRecover didn’t just recover our test files, it also recovered formatted data impressively.

To Sum up

Based on our own experience using MyRecover, we would say that this is a good free recovery software to help you recover lost or deleted files in Windows. In general, MyRecover proves to be very effective for widely used data types and typical data loss scenarios.

MyRecover is safe to use on a Windows PC, and you won’t have any trouble recovering your data thanks to its quick scanning speed and preview features. There are informational tutorials on their website that help new users understand it, making it even easier.


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