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Super color game Okvip (Super Color Game) is the most attractive online slot game on the market. The game stands out with an eye-catching interface, catchy sounds, and high reward rates that make gamers passionate. Let’s housekeeping Okvip Find out more information about the game below.
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Introducing the super color game Okvip

Colorful gameehGrade Okvip tumor Vivid design with 6-sided dice including colors: green, blue, white, red, pink, yellow. The game board will have 3 dice. Players just need to predict the color of the dice. If they win, they will be the winner.

The game has a new, lively look, a sound system, and interesting melodies that make players extremely excited. When you come here, you will have wonderful moments of entertainment and receive many great rewards.

The odds will be calculated based on the number of colors appearing. For example, if the bet amount is 1, the odds are 1:1, if the bet amount is 2, the odds are 1:2, if the bet amount is 3, the odds are 1:3.

The reasonSuper Color The game is popular not only because of its new, vivid interface and high odds, but also thanks to the safety and reputation of the game portal. Furthermore, with the mobile app version, gamers also have the opportunity to play games anytime, anywhere.

Super color game rules Okvip

The super color game 888 is not too difficult, players only need to grasp the basic elements to be able to play well. Accordingly, the system will arrange 3 dice of 6 colors on top and roll them down automatically. Players will have 10 seconds to bet on the colored boxes they think are likely to appear.

There will be 10 color combinations determined, you need to bet on those color boxes. If you bet correctly, you will receive a reward according to the rate previously announced by the house.

Note, during betting time, gamers can bet on multiple color areas. Each betting area will have a certain limit and you must not exceed that limit. If after stopping betting, the player also has the opportunity to activate the special Super Pay and increase the maximum odds to 20x.

Instructions for registering to play the super color game Okvip

Super color game Okvip Located in the general game store of betting paradise Okvip. Therefore, players who want to participate in this playground must register an account according to the following process:

  • Step 1: Access the link to the game portal homepageSuper Color Game on the browser or download the app to your device.
  • Step 2: On the displayed screen, click “register” to create a member account.
  • Step 3: You need to provide complete information including login name, password, and phone number to the system.
  • Step 4: Check and confirm the information, click “register” and wait for the game portal to respond.
  • Step 5: After registering an account, players deposit money and start betting at the super color game.

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During the registration process, you need to note the following:
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  • Username must have 8 – 20 characters, including alphanumeric information;
  • Password must have a minimum number of characters from 8 to 15, including letters, numbers and special characters.
  • Account registration information is confidential. Players absolutely must not provide this information to anyone to ensure the safety of their betting accounts.

Note when playing the super color game Okvip wins quickly

Winning the super color game Okvip is only for those who understand and master the rules of the game. Here are some notes to remember when playing the game:

  • You need to carefully learn the rules of the game and calculate the probability of appearance of color combinations to come up with appropriate results.
  • Playing games requires calmness to promptly judge and control every situation. You should not play recklessly without calculation, it can easily lead to losing.
  • Invest in the game a large enough capital to bet and profit more effectively. At the same time, apply progressive betting style in games to increase the bonus value.
  • Join groups to learn more experience from experienced professionals in the profession. You will learn more interesting things and apply it to the game to win.


Super color game Okvip has become the spiritual dish of many bettors. Are you curious about this colorful game? Please refer to how to play above and experience it now! Wishing players to have moments of comfortable entertainment, relaxation and especially big wins.


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