Top 10 Thai Restaurants In Hyderabad Giving The Best Pad-Thai Noodles In Town


Thai cuisine has not just become Thailand’s favourite but has become a global favourite, because of the unique balance of sweetness and tanginess. Thanks to the exotic flavours and the unique dishes it caters to especially the pad Thai noodles, which are one of the best food innovations by Thailand. So, if you want to experience this uniqueness of pad Thai, then here are some of the best Thai restaurants in Hyderabad, because Hyderabad, India, never fails to surprise you in terms of food. These restaurants below are proof. 

Chubby Cho- Asian, Japanese

What if you come to know about a restaurant in Hyderabad that takes you on a tour of Japan and Thailand? Gladly, Chubby Cho is the place for you. This Thai restaurant in Hyderabad is one of the craziest heaven for these two international cuisines. Talking about the Thai noodles in Chubby Cho, you get to experience the perfectly made pad Thai noodles and even Japanese noodles. Jai Thai Noodles is the Cho recommended noodles with a unique Umami Thai Flavour & Chopped Thai Chlli, blended perfectly in noodles. Here, the Pad Thai Noodles particularly include flat Rice Noodles Tossed With Tamarind Sauce, Chilli & Garlic Served With Peanut. Freeze your senses with the lip-smacking taste of this restaurant. 

Haiku- Thai, Indonesian

Haiku is another Thai restaurant in Hyderabad to take you to the heaven of the food world of Thailand. Bringing the spotlight to Pad Thai Noodles, you get to savour Pad Thai Noodles the street favourite of the locals. This is a bowl of flat rice noodles enhanced with sprouts, peanuts, and a generous sprinkle of lime. You can customize it to your choice of veg and non-veg with the options available here. Along with pad Thai, Mee Goreng Noodles is another Indonesian and Malaysian favourite known for its unique, sweet, and savoury sauce. 

Minyu – The Asian Affair

Indulge in the Asian affair of drooling Thai food, especially Pad Thai noodles. Minyu’s Pad Thai noodles are here to give a culinary ride to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians with the options of veg noodles, chicken noodles, seafood noodles, and egg noodles. The tender ingredients and medley of Thai sauces ensure a typical flavour that you would never want to come out of. This Thai restaurant in Hyderabad has every Thai staple in the sweet, tangy, and immense chili flavour. Bring the street of Thailand to your house by ordering food from Minyu.

7 Sisters- Pan-Asian, Sushi

7 sisters are here to remind you that now you can have the privilege to enjoy Thai cuisine even if you are in Hyderabad. After all, this pan-Asian restaurant brings you some of the must-haves when it comes to Thai foods. Veg Thai Drunken Noodles, Chicken Pad Thai Noodles, Shrimp Pad Thai Noodles, and Veg Pad Thai Noodles, are some of the noodles you must order when exploring Thai cuisine. Apart from noodles, you got to try Dimsums too. You will be driven by the culinary taste. 

Pousada Kitchen- Goan, Asian

The name taken from Portugal, and the taste taken from Goan and Asian cuisine, this Thai restaurant in Hyderabad is much known for its diversity. To experience this diversity, you must definitely have a look at its vivid menu. Goan starters to global starters to Asian ones, you will get to experience the most here. But talking about the pad Thai noodles here, you got to try the culinary Wok Tossed Rice Noodles And Veggies/chicken wrapped in tangy Spicy Sauce With Peanuts, Bean Sprouts And Lemon Wedge. Order it at your home, turn on your Netflix, and give a moment of calm to yourself. 

Asian Treat- Chinese, Pan-Asian

This place is surely no lesser than a treat. The Asian Treat brings you a wholesome treat of Chinese and Pan-Asian foods, that you would love to explore. The Thai noodles here is a wholesome bowl of happiness with flat rice noodles tossed in most Thai flavour. While one bite may appear tangy, another may appear nutty, the next will be sweet, and the next will be just a repetition of amazing sauces and a massive burst of flavours. Chicken Pad Thai Noodles and seafood Pad Thai Noodles, are simply drooling examples of noodles tossed in chicken, or seafood like prawns, shrimps, squids, etc. Begin your exploration journey of Thai cuisine here. 

Big Wong- Asian, Chinese

The Big Wong is a big world of Thai noodles. Not just noodles, this Thai restaurant in Hyderabad is a ride of Thai cuisine with highly authentic taste and extraordinary preparations done by expert chefs. With a variety of dim sums, a range of creamy Thai curry with rice or noodles, varieties of stir-fried and pan-fried noodles, and the attention-seeking range of pad Thai noodles, there is nothing you will lack here. Most importantly, Veg Pad Thai Noodles with oriental veggies, Chicken Pad Thai Noodles with oriental veggies & chicken, and seafood Thai noodles including shrimp in a sweet and spicy Thai sauce, is everything you have to order from here. You will fall in love with the Thai cuisine all over again. 

Hashi- Pan-Asian, Japanese

Hashi Pan Asian and Japanese restaurant specialises in all kinds of delicacies that Thailand would love to serve you. With a massive variety of soups, classic sushi and dim sums, and so many varieties of noodles, you have endless options to choose from here. But, the Pad Thai Noodles still stay the consistent favourite because of the sweet and tangy sauce and choice of protein additions, that make it a meal of your choice. 

These are some of the perfect restaurant choices if you want to try the unique pad Thai noodles. With the poise of flavours and lip-smacking taste, every bite will be Oh Wow! To order these, go straight to Swiggy. This online platform brings you all the amazing Thai restaurants in Hyderabad in one place, making decision-making easier. Try these online. 


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