Ways that the HONOR X9b Camera is Better than Most Phones


if you still cannot decide whether to get the HONOR X9b or not, you should read this article about its set of cameras. The HONOR X9b has cameras that give crisp images and videos that beat out its contemporaries. Even at the HONOR X9b price UAE today, you will be surprised at the power that the cameras have to be able to produce such great photos. Read more to find out about the many ways that the camera on this phone is way better than other smartphones.

Features of the HONOR X9b Camera

108MP Main Camera

The 108MP camera is a lossless camera that is capable of taking super-detailed images that are both clear and crisp. You can crop at any portion of the 108MP image and you will still get as much detail as the whole photo. You may have never seen snapshots that are as ultra-clear as these ones made by the HONOR X9b. The HONOR X9b price UAE today is from AED 1299. Because of its increasing sales, you may have to look for stores that offer good deals on this product.

The 108MP main camera is 1/1.67-inch in size with f/1.75 aperture. It also has a millisecond-level capture to ensure that you get the best snapshot as quickly as possible.

5MP Ultra-Wide Angle Camera

If you like shooting landscapes, you can use the 5MP ultra-wide angle lens of the HONOR X9b. This phone offers clear shots of landscapes which captures clear details of the object of your lens. With just a few setting adjustments, you can go on your usual travels and take a snapshot of the surroundings that you are in. As you enjoy mountains, rivers, oceans, deserts, and forests, you can also capture these spectacular images through your HONOR X9b.

2MP Macro Camera

Those who want to take a picture of the small details of the world can switch to the macro lens of the HONOR X9b. Through the 2MP macro camera, you can take amazing shots of insects, flowers, and nature, in general. You can express your artistry using this camera lens that is part of your HONOR X9b. You can experiment and be creative with your shots as you slowly approach different objects as your subject. Use this smartphone and elevate your skills through the capturing of these macro photos.

3x Lossless zoom

The HONOR X9b has up to three times zoom. It also has up to 8 times digital zoom. The image resolution produced by the rear cameras supports up to 12000 by 9000 pixels. On the other hand, the video resolution is 3840 by 2160 pixels.

16MP Front Camera

The front camera has a 16MP resolution with F2.45. The image resolution produced by the lens can support up to 3456 by 4608 pixels. The videos that can be produced by the front camera can support up to 1080 by 1920 pixels.

When you switch to capture mode, you can set the camera for portrait, filter, capture smile, and timer. These are just some of the settings that you can put up when capturing yourself using the front camera.



Cameras have been part of the features of smartphones for years. It is right to aim for a good set of cameras for your smart device. The HONOR X9b price UAE is around AED 1299 but you will be surprised of the capabilities of the lenses installed on this smartphone. You should take a second look at the HONOR X9b and see the difference in the images created by this device compared to the smartphones in the same category.


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