What is Lieng? Instructions for playing Lieng  New88

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Currently there are many people interested in the game Lieng  New88.And this is a card game that has been around for a long time and is loved by many people. Currently, major game portals and bookmakers sell this game. To understand this topic better, please follow the article below for more details!

What is Lieng?

Before learning play Lieng  New88 So everyone needs to clearly understand what spirituality is? This is a card game with gameplay quite similar to some current reward card game lines such as: 3 cards, card game, scratch card,… This game uses 52 cards to play. In Lieng cards, the minimum number of participants will be 2 and the maximum number of 8 players.

It can be said that playing Lieng is quite simple and it is quite similar to playing traditional scratch cards. This is a card game in Nghe An and Ha Tinh. Then it gradually became popular and was present everywhere in Vietnam. Lieng cards are also known as scratch cards. And this name is a combination of scratch cards and poker.

Those who participate in the game will be dealt 3 random cards. And players will rely on the total score of the 3 cards they are dealt to predict the result. And they will make betting choices using concepts such as: Raise, call, fold or go all in. When the betting time is up, the players on the table will turn over 3 cards and compare scores. The player with the highest score wins.

Lieng game rules at  New88

When you come to me New88 You can’t miss the Lieng card game. Because this is an extremely attractive and highly addictive card game. If you are passionate about betting games, Lieng cards are the best choice. Play Lieng  New88 has attracted many players to participate because of its simple gameplay and high winning potential.

To play Lieng effectively, you need to understand the rules of the game at  New88. And the method from start to finish includes specific steps such as:

When you are ready to play, the sacred game will begin. First, players need to choose the amount to bet. Then the system will begin to deal 3 cards face down to each player. The goal is so that other players cannot see the true value of these 3 cards.

After the card-dealing step is completed, all players will begin to play. The player’s task is to rely on the total score of the 3 cards he is dealt. To be able to make gambling choices using the following specific options:


Is when the bettor is among the players. But you think that with your total score, you can definitely win. So you choose to raise and proceed to increase your bet level. If you choose to raise but no other player raises, you win.

According to

Meaning, in a game of cards, a player chooses to raise. But they rely on their score and think the odds of winning are very high. At this point, you can shout “Follow” to continue the sacred card game. However, to follow the cards, players need to keep in mind that they must spend a large amount of bets. And this amount must be at least equal to the bet of the previous player.


This is in case the total score of your 3 cards is too low. And you feel like you can’t win that game. If the player chooses to quit, it means you have lost all the bets you previously bet.

All in

It means that the player chooses to bet all the money he has. When you feel sure you will win that game.

Some other terms in Lieng article

  • Wax: Means your hand has 3 cards of the same point value. In Lien play, the lowest value set of wax is A. The highest value set of wax is 2.
  • Lieng: Is when you use the cards of the player whose straight is the cards. And the hall with the highest value is A to K. And the hall with the smallest value is A – 2 – 3.
  • Photo: Is a term used for a player’s deck of cards with 3 cards such as: J, Q, K. In a card game, if many people have the same photo, the suit will be compared.

How to calculate points when playing Lieng card game

  • Cards with values ​​from 2 to 9 will be counted as points corresponding to the actual value representing the number on the card.
  • Cards from 10, J, Q, K will be counted as 0 points.
  • The highest total score of the 3 cards is 9 and the lowest is 0.

How to operate Lieng  New88 game

It can be said that Lieng is a card game with rewards of luck. It requires players to have the smartest and most flexible ways to play. Although this is a very simple game, winning a game does not rely solely on luck. Players need to understand how it operates to be able to improve their playing level.

In play Lieng  New88 will stipulate from 2 to 9 players on the table. And the form of betting and raising in the game is similar to poker. Before starting the game, all players must bet an equal amount of money, called the floor.

At the beginning of the game, each person will be dealt 3 cards and must place them face down so that others cannot see them. Then compare cards and whoever has the highest score wins.

How to play Lieng cards at  New88

Just like other card games, after you understand the rules and how to operate. Then everyone can start playing Lieng  New88 at bookmaker  New88 through the following steps:

Step 1

To play Lieng card game at  New88, you are required to create a game account at  New88.

Step 2

Then, log in to the account you just registered with  New88.

Step 3

To enter the game, you need to deposit money into your game account. Then everyone can access the playroom Lieng  New88. Players can deposit money into the game through deposit methods such as scratch cards, banks, code pay…

Step 4

In the main interface of  New88, please select “Card games”. Here, please select “Lieng” to start playing.

Step 5

You can choose from available tables. Or people can also create their own table to invite others to play with them. There are fixed betting levels of 100, 500, 1K, 5K, 10K, 20K, 50K, 100K, 200K.

Please make sure you have enough money in your q New88 account. Because of that, you can access the game at  New88 that you want to play. You should choose a betting room that suits your finances to play more effectively.

Step 6

After each sacred card game at  New88, the winning and losing results will be announced immediately. If the player wins the bet with the highest score, he will receive his bet amount immediately afterwards.

Experience playing Lieng at  New88

Can talk while playing  New88 card game Everyone wants to be able to win. But when playing Lieng  New88 But just relying on luck to play is not enough.

For professional Lieng card players, they all have their own tips. These secrets are built from their long-term playing experience. If you are new to the Lieng card game. Then everyone can learn more from the experiences of the experts shared below:

Applying the secret to playing “card”

If you are playing at a table with very few players, from 2 to 4 people. Then you can apply the secret to playing the card game “card”. In cases where there are many people, you should not apply this method. And the secret to playing the card game “Fish” is specifically as follows:

It’s when you see your cards are bad but show confidence so others think your cards are good. And this secret targets the opponent’s psychology, to make them give up the game. This method will be very effective in some games. And to implement this method effectively, you should combine factors such as:

  • Take time to observe and monitor your opponent’s playing style, psychology and moves.
  • Rely on judgment to win.

The secret to playing Lieng when you encounter bad cards

For those who encounter bad cards, they will have the mentality of wanting to quit the game. However, you should not give up and do not show your discouragement to let others know. And please apply the following tips:

  • You should turn your cards face down if you think the cards are too bad. Because when you face down your cards, it will make other players wary and start to speculate about the reality of your cards.
  • Or you can use the trick of “fiddling” to scare your opponent psychologically. Because maybe your cards are bad but someone else’s cards are worse, so you still have a chance to win the game.

Know how to choose your opponents

Among people playing cards at the same table, there will definitely be winners and losers. So if you choose to play at tables with strong opponents, the loss rate will be very high. Therefore, you should be more careful and not try to play to lose too much. Everyone can choose for themselves a suitable opponent to increase their chances of winning.

Always keep a stable Lieng playing mentality

In any case, everyone must keep a calm mind. Because this is an extremely important factor that greatly affects your success rate.

If your psychology is unstable when participating in big games, if you lose, you will easily lose your temper. So don’t worry too much, just keep a relaxed spirit. then the possibility of winning is very high.


Above is detailed information about the game Lieng  New88 for your reference. Hope post now New88 Writing will bring many useful things to you to help you play more effectively.


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