Why Are We “Lazy” for Housework?

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Compared to our parents, we seem “lazier” about doing the housework. When our parents were busy mopping the floor, putting clothes in the laundry, and preparing food, we just casually left worn clothes lying around and didn’t care about the dust on the floor because none of that would bother us. In contrast, we would rather spend more time on something we want to do rather than the housework. In this article, we will explain why we spend less time on housework.

4 Reasons that We Spend Less Time on Housework

Young people are always labeled as lazy, but the truth is, even if we live by ourselves, we can keep our homes in order. Here are four reasons why we spend less time doing housework:

  1. We Are Working 8 Hours per Day

Even if you live near your company, an average of 8 hours of work is normal and enough to make you tired. If you also count the time for breakfast, dinner, and shower, you may just have one to two hours left for yourself. However, this can be even worse for those who live far away from the company, as they need about one to two hours for the traffic between home and the company!

  1. Technology Upgrades in Home Appliance

We have to admit that we spend less time on housework thanks to the upgrade in home appliances. When we want to wash our clothes, just throw them in the laundry machine (with the drying function on), and put them on the clothes-drying rack. If the floor is dirty, using a self emptying robot vacuum is enough. These amazing home appliances save our time by automatically doing housework and they are getting even smarter time by time.

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  1. More Services Are Available

When you are too busy and have no time at all, you can also order external cleaning services. In the market, hundreds of housekeeping companies offer a full range of home cleaning, including normal cleaning, deep cleaning, and even package session cleaning. In addition, these cleaning services can be booked every day, which fits us as it is flexible. As ridiculous as it may seem, the global cleaning services market is expected to grow from about 400 billion in 2023 to 630 billion by 2030.

  1. Parents Are Too “Active” for Housework

Normally, we are not worried about the housework when we live with our parents. Unlike us, they will always be keen on housework and can often keep the house clean. For us, cleaning the house once per week is enough, but our parents may like to do this job every two days. At the same time, some of our behaviors, such as leaving a used glass on the table, are dangerous according to their considerations. Thus, they will put everything in order regularly, and complain about us for doing nothing at home, even when these works seem unnecessary.


In conclusion, we spend less time on housework because we are exhausted after 8 hours of work during the day. Moreover, with the help of new home appliances, our housework can be arranged easily and our time is saved. Furthermore, house-cleaning services give us a hand on housework by offering flexible cleaning regarding areas and time. Finally, our parents take care of our daily lives and do most of the housework when they live with us.


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