Genshin Impact: Should you pull for Wanderer on the 4.6 Version Banner?

Genshin Impact Should you pull for Wanderer on the 4.6 Version Banner

Do you like flying? Do you like dealing massive amounts of Anemo damage? Do you want a C6 Faruzan because of your Anemo-Boys Squad (Xiao, Wanderer, Heizou)? Do you like Beidou’s counters or Layla’s massive shields? Then you should. And if you want to, you should use Genshin Top Up to get those Primogems and guarantee you pull this sassy Anemo-DPS!

But read on to find out some pros and cons..

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Reasons to pull for Wanderer Genshin Impact

As mentioned in the intro, Genshin Impact Wanderer is a pretty cool character and the only one that can truly “Fly” (Sorry Xianyun, you might be a mommy but what you do ain’t exactly “flying”). He deals a lot of anemo damage through his normal attacks and has overall interesting animations.

Likewise, if you enjoy hypercarry characters who aren’t dependant on their Burst (Xiao, Cyno, Itto, etc.) to deal damage, you’ll probably love Genshin Impact Wanderer since his whole kit depends on his E skill and his flight, and his Burst is simply additional icing on the damage-dealing cake.

Now, if you’ve been slacking on Teyvat exploration in areas outside of Fontain (Sumeru, Inazuma, Liyue, Mondstadt), then Wanderer Genshin Impact will definitely be a great boon to have as him alone can make exploration that much easier… but if you have Xianyun as well, then it just becomes a totally different game. Find a Genshin Impact account for sale that already has Genshin Impact Wanderer


4-Star Characters on Banner

Now, this isn’t technically only for Genshin Impact Wanderer, but Baizhu too – however, if you’re only interested in Wanderer and are still on the fence – consider these 3 other characters and their constellations.

  • Beidou – She’s still a strong unit overall, and if built correctly she can solo most content without getting hit. There are videos where “Beidou mains” are beating the hardest bosses at the biggest difficulty without getting hit.
  • Layla – Probably the best non-Zhongli shielder at the moment. Not only that, but she’s also an amazing Cryo applicator. And even if you have her, she only becomes quite a bit stronger with more constellations.
  • Faruzan – If you’re pulling for Genshin Impact Wanderer, you’re going to want Faruzan. If you’re not pulling for Wanderer but still like dealing tones of Anemo damage through Xiao/Heizou/Etc, you’re still going to want C6 Faruzan for her insane 40% Crit DMG bonus

Reasons not to pull Genshin Impact Wanderer

If you don’t like his general aesthetic or playstyle, that’s a perfectly valid reason to not pull for him – however, there are much higher stakes at play too.

Clorinde is coming in 4.7, and she seems like a beast and an insanely fun character to play. Not only that, but Furina is having her first re-run and she’s an insanely strong character too. Paired with her weapon, she is the absolute best Hydro-unit around, which makes sense.

And lastly – preparing for 5.0 and Natlan. The Pyro Continent/Country is absolutely going to have some amazing characters and

However, you COULD always find a Genshin Impact account for sale that already has Genshin Impact Wanderer and a lot of Primogems/Wishes saved up to own both him and have enough to pull for these great new characters.


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