How Do You Become An Electrician?

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Being an electrician is a satisfying job that gives you security room to grow and the chance to work in various places. You need to take a few essential steps to become an electrician whether you want to work in a household business or industrial setting. You can become an electrician by following this guide which starts with getting your high school education and ends with getting your license and certification.

Get A High School Diploma Or Equivalent

To become an electrician one of the first things you need to do is get your high school education or something similar. This primary schooling required is the first step toward getting more training and licenses in the electricity field. Getting your high school diploma shows that you are dedicated to learning and gives you essential skills and information to help you in your future job as an electrician.

In high school you should focus on classes that will help you get a job as an electrician. Math physics and mechanical drawing are essential because they help you understand how electricity works and its principles. Technology or shop classes can also help you get hands on practice with tools and equipment widely used in the electrical trade.

Aside from schoolwork, doing electrical work related tasks outside of school can also be helpful. Some ways to get valuable practice and learn new skills are to join clubs or groups focusing on STEM topics science technology engineering and math or to participate in professional training programs at school.

Even though a high school education is usually enough to get into many professional or trade programs it is still essential to do well in school and have a strong work ethic. You will be successful in your goal to become an electrician if you build a strong base while you are in high school.

Enroll In A Vocational Or Trade Program

To become an electrician you must attend a technical or trade school after getting your high school education or the equivalent. These classes aim to give you the professional know-how and hands-on experience you need to do well in the electrician trade. They usually teach you in a classroom and train you on the job so you can learn theory while getting practice in the real world.

Ensuring that the professional or trade school you choose is approved and well known in the field is essential. Seek programs backed by respectable groups like the National Association of Home Builders NAHB or the National Electrical Contractors Association NECA. Accredited programs follow strict rules about quality and content. This ensures you get a complete education that sets you up for success in the field.

Going to a professional or trade school will teach you many different things about electrical work. In this class you will learn about electrical theory, how to wire things, safety rules and codes and more. You’ll also have the chance to work with tools and equipment that electricians usually use learning by doing while being supervised by teachers with a lot of experience.

Complete An Apprenticeship

Finishing an internship is an essential step to becoming a fully trained electrician. As an intern you work with more experienced workers and learn everything you need to know about the electrician trade while making enough money to live on.

Apprenticeships usually last for four to five years and are set up so that you learn both on the job and in the classroom. You will work under the direction of a qualified electrician during your training. This person will act as a guide and help you improve your skills.

One of the best things about an internship is that it lets you start working immediately. You can work on various jobs from business installs to home wiring. This will give you real world experience with the tools and methods used in the electrical trade.

Apprenticeships usually include classroom teaching as well as training on the job. You’ll learn about electricity theory, safety rules and industry standards here. This mix of classroom learning and hands-on practice ensures a well rounded education that will help you do well as an electrician.

Obtain A License And Certification

After finishing your training and gaining the needed experience, getting a license to work as an electrician is the next step. Different states have different licensing rules but you’ll need to pass a test and meet specific standards for schooling and expertise.

Many electricians get certified by professional groups like the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee NJATC or the Independent Electrical Contractors IEC and get a license. Getting certified shows you know a lot about specific types of electrical work like connecting homes installing commercial equipment or working with green energy systems.

Getting a license and certification makes you look more trustworthy as an electrician and lets you move up in your job and specialize. If you have a license and qualifications you can apply for more jobs and get paid more than electricians who don’t have licenses.

We at Electrician Islington know how important it is to get a license and certification in the electrical field. We offer support and tools to help electricians get licenses and certifications because of this. As an electrician we want you to reach your goals and be successful in your job. This is true whether you’re studying for the licensing exam or looking for certification in a specific area.


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